"Discover A Little-Known "Secret" To Write Sales Letters Or Any Other Copy In A Breeze!"

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From: Jack Sarlo

Dear Friend,

Would you like to have the almost “magical” ability to write “killer” headlines, subheadlines, bullet points, guarantees and other sales letter copy just by filling in the blanks?

Do you want to write “killer” copy for your ads, emails, subject lines, book titles, sales letters, optin pages, blog posts… you name it… like a master copywriter without going through long years of monotonous practice?

Do you love the idea of writing “killer” copy quick and easy!

If you answered yes to any of these questions the SOLUTION is to build a swipe file!

Anyone can write “killer” copy if they have a really good swipe file.

A swipe file is just a file or folder with a collection of ads, sales letters or any other copy that have successfully sold a LOT of products or services!

But don’t get me wrong…

A swipe is not just for beginner copywriters, even experienced copywriters use swipe files to get their creative ideas flowing, to be inspired and to model proven to sell copy!

In fact without them…

Writing Copy Can Be The Most Brutal And Mentally Draining Work You Will Ever Do!


Without a really good swipe file you’ll have to “bang your head against the wall” trying the almost impossible task of writing something from scratch that will persuade a complete stranger to “tear their wallets open” and buy your product or service.

There are many disadvantages to not using a good swipe file, here’s a few…

red x mark

Without a really good swipe file you’ll quickly become mentally fatigued trying hard to write copy from scratch!

red x mark

You'll have to write every part of your sales letters with zero guidance, it's like cooking something without a recipe.

red x mark

The copy you write using your own creativity and thinking is NOT tested and proven – it’s better to model what already works, especially if you have little or no experience as a copywriter!

To build a swipe file you’ll have to find and collect successful ads and sales letters but that is no easy task!

These are some of the challenges you’ll have to face if you want to build a really good swipe file…

Big Problem No.1

You need a well organized swipe file especially if you have hundreds or even thousands of ads or sales letters.

It will be too darn hard to search through all of that to find some good copy to model!

Big Problem No.2

You need to know where to find those successful ads or sales letters to build a huge swipe file!

Some of the classic ads and sales letters are very rare to find, but these make up for a great swipe file!

Big Problem No.3

Collecting hordes of tested and proven sales letters and ads to build a swipe file is at the least a tremendous amount of work and consumes way too much time!

Big Problem No.4

You need to find a LOT of successful copy, think hundreds or thousands of successful ads or sales letters because the bigger your swipe file the better!

Big Problem No.5

When you collect successful ads or sales letters you’re saving the copy unedited.

It would be fabulous if you could remove unwanted parts and create easy to use fill in the blank templates.

Here’s an example of a headline:

How To Win Friends And Influence People!

This is the fill in the blank template:

How To ___ And ____!

But to that for thousands of headlines it would be an almost impossible task.

You can either hire someone and prepare to pay a price for that. Or do it yourself, but you’ll still have to pay with your time and energy!

Now here’s just a few of the advantages of being in possession of a swipe file…

With a good swipe file writing copy can be as easy as filling in the blanks.

With a really good swipe file you can model some of the best copy EVER written by professional copywriters and the world’s greatest copywriters!

With a good swipe file you’ll have something to look at to guide you when writing copy – you can easily be inspired and get new ideas.

A good swipe file can transform you into a skillful copywriter almost overnight...

A good swipe file will allow you to write professional level copy just by filling in the blanks.

But make no mistake:

The “secret” to sell a truckload of your products or services is the WORDS you use in your copy!

It doesn’t matter how good your product or service is… how professional you are… or how many “tricks” you know to drive traffic to your website… 

If you are not using the right WORDS in your copy… you’re only making a small fraction of what you could be making.

Truly, when you use the right words on the right people at the right time you can have all the business, customers, sales and money you want!

So let me know now introduce you to a special and unique swipe file.

This is a software that contains thousands of successful ads, sales letters and other copy!

Now you can write “killer” copy simply by filling in the blanks!


The Lazy Man’s Way To
Generate Cash-Pulling Copy
That Can Make You Rich!

In this software everything is NEATLY organized, so you have separate swipe files for different type of copy. 

For example, a headline swipe file that contains hundreds upon hundreds of fill in the blanks headlines!

It’s a must have tool if you write any sort of copy.

You’ll have access to 12 swipe files. 

These swipe files can be used to write sales letters and sell any product or service in any niche. 

You can write an entire sales letter by using and modelling the copy in CashCopyInSeconds™.

All the copy is full customizable, so you can edit it the way you want to!

For now let’s take a quick look…

Headline Swipe File

You have hundreds upon hundreds of fill-in-the-blanks headlines.

Opening Swipe File

You can use these fill-in-the-blank openings to easily write the opening part of your sales letter, optin page or any other landing page…

Subheadline Swipe File

You have over two hundred subheadlines for your sales letters, optin pages, squeeze pages, etc.

Bullet Point Swipe File

You have what seems like an endless list of fill-in-the-blank bullet points which can be used to make a list of your product’s benefits quick and easy!

Guarantees Swipe File

You have money back guarantees that will enable you to write an exciting guarantee ridiculously fast.

Call To Action Swipe File

With this swipe file you can add a call to action in your sales letters with a few clicks of the mouse.

P.S. Swipe File

You have a list of postscripts – all taken from successful sales letters.

Copy Connectors Swipe File

You have an almost non stop list of  words and phrases that will skyrocket your sales letter conversion rate.

Power Words

You also have an almost infinite amount of power words that will make your copy electrifying!


You have an almost never-ending list of hand drawn images that are proven to blast your conversion rates through the roof.

Similes, Visualizers And Price Points

These additional swipe files contain copy that vitalize boring copy and transform  it into hyper responsive copy!

Email Subject Lines

You can write email subject lines mega easy with this swipe file… and be certain your emails will get your subscriber’s attention and get opened!

Sales Letter Checklist

This sales letter checklist contains the key elements your sales letter must have to transform prospects into customers like clockwork.

Sales Letter Template

This 10 step template will show you how to write a sales letter from start to finish.

And you can also add your own swipe files…

With these swipe files you’ll no longer write bad, poor performing copy…

What’s neat about CashCopyInSeconds™ is that even if you do not yet have any persuasion skills or understanding of advanced copywriting concepts…

Indeed even if you have ZERO copywriting experience you’ll still be able to write “killer” copy!

The copy within the software is proven and tested and in most cases was written by world-class master copywriters.

It’s the best-of-the-best!

The same psychological sales tactics that ignite a fire of desire within the prospect and has him snatching his credit card and buy whatever he’s being sold to… are woven, embedded and laced inside the pre-written fill-in-the-blank templates of CashCopyInSeconds™

Writing good copy doesn’t get any easier than this!

So now let’s take an actual look at this software, shall we?

Here’s a screenshot of…

A gigantic swipe file with tested and proven headlines!

Never ever get stuck, clueless what to write – get ideas flowing or simply fill in the blanks and create “killer” headlines F-A-S-T!

This swipe file can be used to write magnetic headlines for blog titles, email subject lines, sales letters or any product title like your ebook titles. 

In fact anywhere you need a ONE line “killer” headline!


Here’s a screenshot of…

A BIG list of subheadlines! Place these throughout your sales letter to capture your prospect’s attention with irresistible attraction!

Sub Headlines!

Next a screenshot of…

A swipe file with a long list of sales letter openings!

Now you can easily get ideas flowing when you want to write the opening of your sales letter. 

Or you can simply find one template from this massive list and simply fill in the blanks!

These openings can also be used in your emails.


This is a screenshot of…

A massive swipe file with bullet points!

This swipe file is tremendously helpful to painlessly write down a list of your product’s benefits in bullet point format.

These bullet points are most commonly used in sales letters or emails.

Bullet Points!

This is a screenshot of…

Money Back Guarantees! You’ll make WAY more sales if you add one in your sales letter.

You can now write an exciting money back guarantee that will eliminate a lot of doubt or fear that prevents your prospects from buying your product!


This is a screenshot of…

An oversize swipe file with proven Call To Actions!

You should always end a sales letter with a strong ‘Call To Action’. This tells your prospects to take action and buy your product now!

You can easily model these powerful persuasive call to actions or simple fill in the blanks. If all you need are some ideas just open this swipe file, go through the list and let this copy inspire you!

These almost hypnotic ‘call to actions’ can also be used in your emails!

Call To Actions!

This is a screenshot of…

Postscrips, or P.S. in short. Every sales letter typically has between 1 and 3 postscripts. They are placed at the very bottom of your sales letter.

Now you don’t have to torture yourself for hours to write world-class postscripts!

You can can model these postscripts or just fill in the blanks.

Postscripts (P.S.)

Here’s what someone had to say about this software…

Mehdi Marani testimonial

Create your sales letter in
a matter of minutes

It’s a great piece of software if you want to have a good sales letter at the end!

Every piece is separated into tabs, so you won’t get confused and it’s like an instruction with you all the way.

Want to have an eye-catching headline, sub headline, PS, bullets etc? no problem! This software does exactly what it says.

Create your sales letter in a matter of minutes, no more wasting money on copywriters. I’m really happy with it.

Mehdi Marani

You’ll no longer feel frustrated and depressed because you cannot put together a good headline, subject line, product title or sales letter…

Writing copy is no longer going to be a terrible experience.

But wait, there’s more…

Instead of writing boring copy that puts people to sleep use ‘Copy Connector’, ‘Power Words’, ‘Visualizers’ and ‘Similes’ to write exciting and interesting copy!

Copy that will transform your prospects into leads and customers.

Let’s explore these additional power loaded swipe files…

Copy Connectors

This is a screenshot of…

A vast swipe file with Copy Connectors.

These are potent one line sentences that create engagement and connection with your prospects.

They create an almost irresistible urge to keep on reading your sales letter…

To have this “magical” effect just place them every now and then in your sales letters or your emails!

Power Words

This is a screenshot of…

A king-size list of power words that you can use anytime you’re writing any copy!

If your copy is uninteresting, dull, boring and tedious to read it will be hard to grab anyone’s attention!

These gem like words and phrases give your copy a life of its own filled with energy and excitement.

Use them instead of the more common words to create “fire breathing” sales letters, emails or any other copy!

Let me ask you a question…

Which words you’d prefer to read? Which section puts you to sleep, the first or the second one?

When you use these power words you’ll write ultra responsive copy that will explode your profits!

But wait, there’s still more…

Once you improve a bit your copywriting skill you might consider using CopyDoodles.

These are hand drawn images that can spice-up your copy, capture the attention and direct it to important parts of your sales letter.

Best of all they’re fun to use…

CopyDoodle Numbers
CopyDoodle Shapes
CopyDoodle Words

This is a screenshot of..

Over 400 CopyDoodles, shapes, text and numbers.

There’s proof in abundance that these hard to resist images increase conversion rates. Your eyes are naturally drawn to them.

When you want to experiment with CopyDoodles this swipe file will be an enormous help!

CopyDoodles can be of any color, shape or size, but red is very common. 

Here are  11 different CopyDoodle examples:

copy doodles examples

I want you to write professional level copy with minimum effort. 

That’s why you have all these swipe files filled with ready-made fill in the blanks copy.

And to prove it, here is…

Yet one more swipe file containing “eye-grabbing” email subject lines with high open rates. 

The software is like a fine wine, it gets better with age and this is the latest swipe file we’ve added!

Email Subject Lines

This is a screenshot of…

A giant list of Email Subject Lines.

Now you can write subject lines that seize your subscriber’s attention and provoke curiosity, resulting in more emails opened and read!

With a few mouse clicks you can find a “golden” subject line for your next email and write it in 3 minutes or less!

You can also use this swipe file to be inspired and easily generate new email ideas!

watch video below...

Now if you want an actual look at the software and all its other handy features watch me demonstrate it in action in this quick video…

Just click the PLAY button to start!

Best watched in full screen. Give it a few seconds to load clearly.

There’s just…

3 Quick and Easy Steps To Search For, Find and Model "KILLER" Copy!

All the copy in these Godzilla-like swipe files can be edited directly in the software, in the ‘text box’ .

And you copy and paste to your favorite word processor tool like notepad.

That’s why you see those 4 big buttons.

You have full control. Keyboard shortcuts work as well.

In 3 steps you can edit your copy, it’s as easy as A, B, C…

how to use CashCopyInSeconds - screenshot

Step 1:

Start by searching for the copy you need, for example, several Headlines

Step 2:

Click the ‘Edit Selected’ button so all those Headlines are added to the Text Box

Step 3:

In the Text Box you can edit your copy however you like. Then you can copy & paste it wherever you like (e.g. Notepad)

It’s so easy…

If you’re like me after you use this software once, you’ll never again try to write any copy without first using CashCopyInSeconds™ software.

Writing copy can be as easy as filling-in-the-blanks!

But don’t take my word for it, here’s what some more customers have to say…

John Thomas testimonial

Only A Fool Would Ignore This!

I’ve been trying to write my own copy for a long time.

To be honest, I’m a bit embarrassed. I thought I was pretty good. But I had NO idea of what I was missing until I ordered Jack’s Cash Copy In Seconds.

I was totally blown away with not only the huge amount of samples – but every sample was YOU oriented instead of me or I oriented.

I knew copy should be client directed but I sometimes fail to remember this technique. Jack’s product brought me back to the correct approach.

Jack’s Cash Copy In Seconds is all You, You, You – the way copy should be written. 

I highly recommend Jack’s Cash Copy In Seconds.

First, it is power-packed with ideas and samples

Second, it allows you to tell your own story as well. You don’t need a $5,000 per letter sales copywriter to tell your own story. 

Third, Jack’s information product is extremely affordable not even taking the bonuses into consideration, which were mind-blowing in their own right.

Simply put, BUY Jack Sarlo’s Cash Copy In Seconds. Only a fool would ignore this.

John D. Thomas
President, Atex Freight Broker Training, Inc.

Ed Eliesen testimonial

Cash Copy In Seconds Is
A Great Investment!

I’m disabled and bedridden — thus my online addiction. I think Cash Copy In Seconds is a great investment. I’ll be using it primarily for writing ads.

I believe it to be an invaluable tool for any kind of writing. I highly recommend this product.

Ed Eliesen
Thunder BayOntario, Canada

In case you’re wondering, yes that’s still not everything…

Even if you’ve never written a sales letter before you can now do it faster than a speeding bullet without “breaking a sweat”. 

That’s now possible because you’ll also get a…

Sales Letter Checklist Designed By A World-Class Copywriter AND A 10 Step Sales Letter Template Proven To SELL Any Product In Any Niche!

The Sales Letter Checklist and Sales Letter Template are two additional “tools” to produce a first class sales letter… as fast as humanly possible!

Go through the items on the checklist one by one and you’ll know how to write a master’s level sales letter!

You’ll become a pro copywriter.

If you want to, you’ll be able to charge money to write sales letters and ads for other marketers. 

They’ll be eager to hire you as their copywriter!

sales letter checklist - screenshot

This template is time-tested.

You’ll craft a winning sales letter that is able to sell any product in any niche.

Here’s what else…

Even if you were just starting out… no customers… and virtually no copywriting experience, you could use CashCopyInSeconds™ to snap together an order-pulling sales letter – or create ANY sort of copy you’d ever need…

This could be pay per click ads like Facebook ads or Google Adwords, emails and subject lines, blog posts and titles, optin pages, product titles like your ebook titles and more!

You’ll have a new ability and skill that will allow you to write ANY copy in a breeze!

Not Only Is Your Program
Easy To Use But It
Is Inspiring Too!

Not only is your program easy to use but it is inspiring too! Just using the subject line is enough to begin creating sizzling ad copy! Thanks so very much. Try it out for yourself! You won’t believe the difference it makes.

Barbara Camino
Hilton Head Island,
South Carolina

Then your only concern will be how to…

Collect All The Money From All The New Paying Customers You Attract With Your Ability To Write "Killer" Copy On Demand!

That’s right…

Equipped with a tool like CashCopyInSeconds™ in your arsenal you could zoom in a matter of a few short weeks…

From Hardly Knowing How To Put Together A Headline… To Finally Owing A Skill That “Magnetically” Attracts Fresh New Leads, Customers and Money!

I Thought That I Could
Write Copy…WRONG!!

I thought that I could write Copy…WRONG!! Now I can but I don t really write it… Just put pieces together to complete the puzzle.

NOTHING compares to this software. I’ve increased my sales by 35%! Thanks Jack.

Save yourself the dreaded Brain-Drain/Burnout. Let Cash Copy In Seconds get the sale /or increase the traffic to your site.

Harvey Gilkerson

Can you handle that part?

Can you handle the raw adrenaline rush that will surge through your veins when… all of a sudden… as if by magic… the damn breaks and paying customers trample over each other to be first in line to do business with you?

If you really think you’re ready to experience that kind of excitement, then what you should do right now… this very INSTANT … is download CashCopyInSeconds™ before any of your competitors get their greedy little hands on it.


As an added bonus when you download CashCopyInSeconds™… you’ll also receive these free invaluable bonuses worth $137!

3 FREE Bonuses
All Yours To Keep!

FREE Bonus No.1

Great Headlines Instantly

How To Write Powerful, Attention-Grabbing Headlines That Pull In More Prospects, More Customers And More Profits, NOW!
(Value $39.00)

The most important step of the sales letter template is the first one. In that step you’ll craft your headline…

Your headline is the first thing your prospects read, and if it fails to convince them to keep reading the rest of the sales letter it’s all over. 

If you have a world-class sales letter with a poor headline it won’t even get read!

The insider secrets to write great headlines in this free bonus plus the headline swipe file in CashCopyInSeconds™ will make it a no brainer to write world-class headlines!

You’ll discover…

That’s the tip of the iceberg…

This isn’t a 7 page report, it’s a 200 page classic ebook that contains all the techniques and strategies to create headlines that work every time!

And you’ll get it 100% free when you download CashCopyInSeconds™

Here’s what some of the great copywriters and marketers had to say about this book…

“It is without a doubt the best material ever written on headlines. The legendary John Caples started it – and you have updated, added, improved, and finished it!

It is so comprehensive, covering every possible angle. 

You learn every technique there is to know and exactly how to do it. It works fantastically well. No one else comes close.”

Steve King
Devon, UK

“I definitely recommend you get “Great Headlines Instantly!” by Robert Boduch. 

In less than a week his book helped create the best sales letter I’ve done to date for one of my products.

In fact, I’ve seen a 275% increase in sales since I first put this product to use! I’ve never seen a book on headline writing that says it better.

It can make a substantial difference in the success of each and every campaign you run.”

Harmony Major
Raleigh, NC
Online Marketing Consultant and Author

“Robert, got your book. Read it. Loved it. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a more in-depth analysis of headlines before in my life. I’m impressed.”

Joe Vitale
Joe Vitale
Wimberley, TX
Hypnotic Marketer

arrow down green

FREE Bonus No.2

Magnetic Sales Letters™

The Ultimate Collection of Winning Ads and Sales Letters!
(Value $39.00)

You’re about to discover the secret to become a great copywriter blazingly fast!

The answer may surprise you.

You just have to start copying word for word, in your own handwriting (using pen and paper, not with keyboard) successful sales letters!

It’s a little-known and amazingly powerful exercise. 

You’ll understand on a very deep level how great copy is written and start writing with almost the exact same skill and ability as the master copywriter who wrote the sales letter!

It’s easy to do and it works like magic. 

This exercise is my secret “weapon” and now it can be yours too.

In Magnetic Sales Letters™ you’ll find a huge collection of 29 tested and proven sales letters, perfect for this exercise! 

All have made thousands and thousands of dollars, some of them have made millions!

These were written by some of the best copywriters that ever lived, the ones you should learn from.

You can spend 1 hour a day or a couple hours a week on this exercise. 

You can do more or less than that, it’s entirely up to you!

You can also study and model these sales letter.

arrow down green

FREE Bonus No.3

Software Updates

(Value $59.00)

The software is like a fine wine, it gets better with age.
We’re already planning to add new features and at more swipe files to the software.
We’ve just added a new swipe file with 476 email subject lines. 

Now a few mouse clicks you can find a “golden” subject line for your next email and write it in 3 minutes or less!

And you can press a button in the software and send us a feature request.

The latest feature requests we’ve implemented include the ability to add your own swipe files… and a writing tool so you can write your copy directly in the software, and export it in .pdf format.
I sincerely do try to add all the features you request, in fact I have a testimonial about that:
Andrea Cesaro testimonial

"Jack Keeps His Promises And Listens Carefully To Every Request Or Feedback From His Customers."

“Now, it will seem that what I am about to say is exaggerated, but it is not so.

I hardly leave reviews around if I’m comfortable with a service provider, because I think that satisfying a customer is the most normal thing that exists, and all the entrepreneurs or service providers should think like that: but this time – I admit – I was really amazed.

Jack Sarlo is an exceptional person: not only is his software without a doubt the best software for copywriters in circulation, but he has even managed to meet my personal requests!

In fact I needed particular features added to the software since I write copy adapted to various stages of the sale: before knowing the client, after having known him, etc …

And he managed to get me a great result: a perfect software for my needs and my network marketing team, with whom we manage several hundred satisfied customers who receive from us monthly precise, specific, targeted e-mails and other copy!

Such a thing, dear copywriters, you’ll never find it around:

and listens carefully to every request or feedback from his customers.

Of this I can not help but thank him!

Of particular importance is his assistance via email: it gave me answers to all my questions, sending me tutorials, videos, and explanatory images on how the software works!

Thanks Jack!

Andrea Cesaro
Network Marketer, Italy

If you download CashCopyInSeconds™ now you will get ALL future updates for FREE!

Let me ask you a question:

How many times you said I cannot write this or that,  I cannot write a headline or I cannot write a sales letter?

Now you have a tool that will take you by the hand and guide you to write good-as-gold copy. 

It does not matter if you are novice or expert.

All you have to do is open CashCopyInSeconds™ software and “cherry pick” whatever you need…

Maybe you need a Headline, Subheadline OR maybe you want to write the guarantee or postscripts! 

Or perhaps you’re stuck and can’t write the first few paragraphs of your sales letter (the opening swipe file will solve that)!

Whatever you need it’s in this totally new swipe file.

If you’re hit by the dreaded writer’s block (when you can’t seem to be able to write anything) this software will turn on a light bulb in your head sparkling new ideas.

So here’s the deal:

CashCopyInSeconds™ software and all the free bonuses can be yours right now for a ridiculous low one-time investment of…

Only $97.00

This software is easily worth ten times more than that. 

I’ll save you anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000 in copywriting fees – especially if you decide to hire a copywriter each time you need to write copy!

I’m also eliminating all those brutal hours, days or weeks… of hair-pulling frustration that you’d have to go through if you were to sit down in front of a blank computer screen and try to write copy from scratch!

So this offer is probably the biggest bargain of your life!

And while we’re at it, let’s not forget… the copy you create with CashCopyInSeconds™ could… very realistically… make you back tens of thousands of dollars!

You’ll probably make your $97.00 $29.95 back just a few hours after you drive some traffic to your new sales letter.

So if you think about it… it’s not really “costing” you anything, it’s a wise investment!

And of course this one time investment is 100% risk-free because you have a…

60-Day 100% Money-Back “No Questions Asked” Guarantee!

60 Day Money Back Gurantee

I am so completely convinced that this is the best investment you could ever make to write “killer” copy that I am going to take all the risk away from you, at this very moment.

If anytime during the next 60 days you are not 120% satisfied with CashCopyInSeconds™ I want you to immediately ask for a full refund of your entire purchase price.

But, I’m betting you’re NOT going to want to send CashCopyInSeconds™ back!

I’m betting you’ll be jumping with joy when you experience for yourself how quick and easy you can crank out first-class copy with CashCopyInSeconds™.

But you must act FAST!

This offer at this price is only for a limited time. We’re planning to add new software features and at least two more swipe files.

Then the price will probably go to $69 or $97…

So, do the only sensible thing…

Give me permission to send you CashCopyInSeconds™ plus all the FREE bonuses right now!

Jack Sarlo's Signature

Jack “Straight Talk” Sarlo

P.S. No.1

This is a one-of-a-kind ginormous swipe file… 

You can use it to a) find ideas and be inspired to write your own “killer” copy, b) model the copy or c) write copy by simply filling-in-the-blanks!

This swipe file was built using only the best-of-the-best copy from highly successful ads and sales letters!

Even professional copywriters use swipe files for inspiration and to model successful copy.

Now you too can have your own extra large swipe file!

P.S. No.2

Remember, I’m only offering CashCopyInSeconds™ software for $29.95 for a limited time.

As soon as I update the software with more features and swipe files (which can happen anytime now) the price will go up to $69 or $97 – so act now!

Paypal and Credit Cards through Paypal accepted!
(no need Paypal account)


CashCopyInSeconds™ works only on Windows.